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Makeup Tips To Get Best Photos

Molds and actresses look so good in those glossy magazines, but when by any chance you see them in real live they look too ordinary and I always think what make them models, they look ordinary and they get the help of perfect make up artists and cameras and then air brushing and photo editing to get the look they are famous for, then what decide that they are top models? Anyways today we are going to talk about the makeup that you try for photographs, if you think that your regular makeup is adequate then you are wrong, it doesn’t do the job when you are being photographed and when they photographer is using any kind of flash then trust me, it is going to wash out completely and you are going to end up with vampire look and for that we are going to share some make-up tricks that anyone can do to look fabulous in any photo.

Tips for Doing Makeup for PhotographsHere are The Tips For Your Photographs:

1:- No matter how late you are and how tired you are, start with clean face, you need to clean your face and wash it completely, not even plain moisturizer is acceptable for your makeup and clean your face with muslin cloth and worm water and then apply a matte moisturizer.

2:- Always make sure that you have perfectly groomed eyebrows cause High Definition Photos will be able to catch every inch of hair on your face and if they are taking your close ups then these tiny hair will snatch all of the attention so the look of your eye makeup will go vain no matter how cool it look or how beautifully blended it was.

3:- Make sure you are using natural light while you are applying makeup and it will help you get the perfect look.

4:- I always say that les is more, but if you are getting ready for photos then I want you to APPLY MORE!  Camera is going to steal the look up to 60% so try to add some more to look perfect, so apply at least twice as much as you usually would just for photos.

5:- Prime your face or you can use something that work as pore filler to get smoother and clear skin and it will actually make your look younger and will give you a flawless look too.

6:- Keep one thing in mind, no matter what kind of blush you apply in your regular look, you just can apply shade on your apples of the cheeks for photos cause that is simple way to make your face look blushed than flushed.

7:- Apply a Darker eyeshadow, way more than usual and that will make your eyes pop more in photos and look prettier.

8:- Don’t forget to add some shimmer on the tear ducts and it will make your eyes look more beautiful and instead prominent.

9:- Use a lip liner before applying the lipstick and apply the perfect moisturizer and foundation or concealer before that cause your lips need to look perfect in pictures.

10:- Use false lashes and apply thick glow on it and then apply a single coat of transparent mascara and then let it get dry and then apply some shade and then couple of coats of dark mascara.

Makeup Tips To Get Best Photos

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