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Natural Hair Care Routine

Natural Hair Care Routine
Natural Hair Care Routine

Here we bring some useful tips to take care of your hair , based mostly on the perfect routine cleaning and maintenance that should be all . I perform this routine over 2 years now and my hair has improved a lot . You already know some of the products that I occupy , I will comment later on the products I am currently taking my routine care. In the meantime I leave these tips,
 Washing Tips And Tricks
Wash your hair with warm water is harmful because it removes all the oiliness of the scalp. This is the fat that oiliness hair naturally generated , which acts as a protection and if our hair removal completely reseated and end up looking unhealthy. That is why it is ideal to wash your hair with warm water.
The final rinse so do it with warm water almost cold , your hair will look Rapunzel much brighter and stronger. Why? Very simple: the cold water seals the hair cuticle giving your hair a unique strength.
If you like to wash your hair every day is take a mild shampoo, so it does not dry out your hair as much . Use shampoos for children is ideal for daily washing . I wash my hair every other day even though I have a hair tends to be oily .
Try changing my shampoo regularly , so your hair does not get used . Hair develops a resistance to the formula, not getting the desired results. Another good option is to use more than 1 shampoo and go rotating them every wash .
Every 15 days or once a month , use a clarifying shampoo bar purifier that thoroughly waste products can leave modeling and pollution. These impurities accumulate in the hair shaft and make your hair loses its shine and leave to absorb hydration and nutrition it needs .
To enrich your conditioner and enhance its effect, you can add honey or a few drops of olive oil, almond , jojoba or coconut and you will notice how your hair will most softening with every wash .

Natural Hair Care Routine
Natural Hair Care Routine

Drying  Techniques
Do not rub it in your hair dry with towel . In this way it will hurt and you ‘re only getting split ends . Just wrap your hair in a towel to absorb this moisture.
In winter the action of cold , mainly wind directly affects your hair. Therefore , you should avoid leaving the house with wet hair. We can use the dryer to remove moisture , preventing the air is very hot because they also end up resenting . Try to be always changing the position of the dryer so the heat is not concentrated in one area, and so the hair does not suffer much.
Before applying the dryer , use a sunscreen to protect heat and no hot air to come near your hair too , try to keep a distance of 20 cms. Finish drying with cold air to close the cuticle of your hair, thus the points become more protected .
Brushing and maintenance :

Natural Hair Care Routine
Natural Hair Care Routine

Do not brush your hair while it is wet , as it is when in this state is weaker , so you could easily damage it. A practical way is tangle with fingers.
Use good quality brushes or combs with no sharp metal or plastic teeth , because these cut ends.
Brushing is very important for the proper maintenance of hair appearance. Should be performed when completely dry . When you brush , you stimulate the root ( for growth ) , and distribute the natural fat found on the scalp , so that could be distributed toward the tips, which usually tend to dry out .

Apply treatment creams regularly to moisturize and strengthen your hair. If your hair is long it is advisable to make a moisturizing treatment 1 time a week , and some intensive heat treatment every 15 days.
Apply some oil in your hair when you go to sleep . The next day after washing your hair, get a hydrated , soft and beautiful hair.
Use serums for daily tips to protect them from external aggressions . Most serums on the market that have among their silicone components , which help protect against environmental aggressors . I try to avoid silicone in products that I occupy , but I could not remove them entirely, we still use them in serums . I think if you just use them in points and also perform deep cleansing wash , no more problem. You can also use natural oils and serums , the key is to apply very little hair is not going to meet with a dirty look .

Make a cut every 2-3 months to remove split ends . Useless long hair if you have neglected . If you want to let your hair grow and do not trust hairdressers, can cut yourself tips , also can cut whatever you want . Try to buy special scissors to cut hair, do not use any !