Natural Homemade Bleach For Skin

I just bought the spay sunscreen for my face and body and I bought cream ones for my arms and feet, and I am so worried for my skin tone, and my skin too, I like summer, but it make me scared too, I bought new batch of my Summer Skin Care, like orange peel powder, herbal turmeric powder, lots of Aloe Vera gel and other things, but I am still not happy, I know few things which I can use to clean my skin tan and I am sure they work absolutely perfect, but still I am scared.

There are many different ways by which our skin gets dark including, sun, humidity, excessive use of products, cosmetics, so normally I say spend your summer without makeup or cosmetic, natural homemade bleach for skin enjoy your natural beauty and look after your skin and with all of that I am sharing some Simple Tips, or should I say some simple tricks which you can use to bleach your skin at home with some simple natural things and since these are natural so they work fantastically without side effects and you can try them whenever  you have time.

Natural Homemade Bleach For Skin

Natural Homemade Bleach For Skin & Skin Care Tips

Here are some simple ways to bleach your Skin Naturally at Home:

The chemical bleaches can be very harsh on your skin and we all know that and there is no way that you can try that every day, so try herbal bleach which will not only lighten your skin ton , but make it younger and fresher too and it is very nursing too, and to get natural glow skin you just need few things, to make your own bleach you need some carrots, a tomato, a cucumber, a lime, a lemon and some coriander and blend these ingredients together to make a paste like consistency and now you can keep it in a airtight jar for three days and you need to use it during these three days, natural homemade bleach for skin you just need to take some steam for like 2-4 minutes and then rub your face with warm wet towel and then apply this paste all over your face, neck, arm for 20-45 minutes and then scrub it off and wash with warm water and mild soap and you can use it every day till you get results and then reduce it to once a week and it will help you get and keep  lighter skin tone.

Homemade Bleach For Skin

Lemon:- Plain lemon is one of the best things which you can use to get beautiful  smooth lighter skin tone, but if you have sensitive skin then you can make a mixture of lemon juice and honey  and apply all over your face twice a day for 10-30 minutes and then wash it off with muslin cloth and warm water, natural homemade bleach for skin if you have dry skin then you can add some cream in it and it always work to make skin tones light and beautiful, and if you have darker skin naturally then take thick slice of lemon and add some sugar or salt on it and rub very gently on your skin for 10 minutes and then let it be on your face for another 20 minutes and then wash it off, you can make a mask for your skin tone too, natural homemade bleach for skin with cucumber, mint leaves and lemon and it work magically well.

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