Natural Remedies For Feet Care

Natural Remedies For Feet Care1These natural remedies for dry and sore feet will suit all those who suffer from feet hot , dry and painful. We do not have that impression but our feet are in miles day . This condition relates especially those performing trades ” on foot ” as the factor, waitress, saleswoman and others. For most cases of feet thick, tough skin . Watch the condition of your feet regularly. If you find that your feet have a thick skin , the presence of horns, warts, your heels are cracked etc. . , this natural remedy for dry feet and painful is for you.

Your feet are dry, sore or tired ? Here are some natural remedies to avoid dry feet painful .
 1: Wash your feet regularly, preferably in the evening before going to bed. Use hot water and soap. Prefer soap with shea butter that will bring your feet care for your toilet . you can find them here :

 2: Moisturize your feet dry . Before going to bed embalm your feet with a thick layer of Vaseline.
It contains glycerin which will provide optimal hydration to your feet. Put socks above .

 3: Make a foot bath regularly. After a day standing , relieve your feet by immersed in a basin of hot water and 7 drops of essential oil of lavender  previously mixed with a base oil or an oil bath . You can use oil

 4: Slide soles in your shoes and wear shoes with a good arch . Avoid walking inside with your outdoor shoes ( unhygienic ) or bare feet on hard surfaces .Natural Remedies For Feet Care