Natural Treatment For Cracked Heels

Natural Treatment For Cracked HeelsDo you need an effective natural treatment for cracked heels ? If this is the case , there are some remedies that you can make using ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. Dry and cracked heels can be an embarrassing condition , especially during the summer months when you want to wear sandals.

The main reason why you may have dry and cracked heels due to lack of moisture. The application or hydrogenated vegetable oils to your heels every day will help relieve this problem. You must make sure to apply every day for best results .

Take time each afternoon or evening to soak your feet . Mix the lemon juice in the water you soak your feet in a tonic and an effective natural treatment for cracked heels . Many people might recommend that you apply a mixture of glycerin and rose water at your feet every day for dry and chapped skin. It is a well known and widely used remedy.
Natural Treatment For Cracked Heels1
Many people have had great results with the application of petroleum jelly on their feet and wear socks over while they sleep at night. This seems to have great results when you make sure you do it every night for a week or two. The key is to make sure that you wear thick socks .

One of the worst things you can do if you have dry and cracked heels is to go barefoot, especially outdoors. You must pay special spirit on which shoes to wear whenever you are outdoors . Make sure you apply a good moisturizer on your feet each day as well . Oil and petroleum products are perfect for this reason.

Staying on a well balanced diet is important to all parts of your body , even your feet. If you have dry and cracked heels, the food you eat may not be the reason . If you do not get enough zinc and calcium in your diet , you may have more trouble with your feet being too dry. You should also be sure to eat fish and other foods that contain omega- 3 fatty acids as well .

For best looking feet , you should always use an effective natural treatment for cracked heels . While there may be many products available on the market for this skin problem , many of them contain chemicals that are only going to do the worst cracking. Make sure you choose natural ingredients and you will have much better results.