Not All Creams Are For Everyone Face

Everyone should use a face cream that provides the benefits that our skin requires for their specific characteristics and needs of the moment age, weather, lifestyle, etc.

We also have to take into account our tastes in textures, smells or composition.

Not All Creams Are For Everyone Face Beauty Tips

Not All Creams Are For Everyone Face Beauty

Follow These Steps to Choose Yours

1 – Age

Some products have active ingredients indicated for the needs associated with each stage of life (wrinkles, lack of firmness, age spots.

2 – Lifestyle

If you’re outdoors, protect your skin from the sun and from external aggression. If you work in office strengthens your skin to not suffer dehydration due to heaters and air conditioners.

3 – Type of Skin

Facial creams are created for different skin types ( dry, combination, oily ) vary depending on the amount of fat you have your skin.

4 – Season

The effects of weather have a big impact on the skin, so it is important to purchase a face cream that meets the needs of the season, in winter a product that nourish and strengthen your skin needs, while in summer you should use moisturizing and protective.

5 – Time of Day

Facial creams There are day and night. Each order has its own skin . Protection day and night repair. It is important to watch your skin from an early age, to keep it healthy, supple, hydrated and slow the effects of aging.

Not All Creams Are For Everyone Face