4 Party Makeup Style To Try In 2016 For Chic Look

Party Makeup Style is used by fondly girls and women because they want look beautiful and attractive. As always word beauty is mainly associated by women they think about beauty deeply and do different things to look beautiful. One of these things is makeup now no woman can consider herself complete without makeup because it add to her beauty and give her perfect look according to situation.Party Makeup Style

Party Makeup Style

There are different types of makeup that is used on various occasion such as weddings, birthday parties also on parties whether casual or formal. There are different technique and styles for makeup which should be considered if proper method is not used wrong selection can ruin your day so following styles with picture will help you for perfect make up easily at home.

Perfect Party Makeup StylePerfect Party Makeup Style

First of all you have to think about type of party it is informal party or a casual so don’t apply too much base it will give wrong complexion to your natural skin tone. For ideal look first of all clean your face with natural cleanser there are such cleanser available in market that are without chemicals. Now apply mascara at least in 2 layers then apply eye-shadow suitable with your color in one tone only. Apply light blush on from inward to outward direction last but not least choose lipstick color and put without outline.

Sweet and Simple Makeup TutorialSimple Plain Look

If you have to go in a casual party and you don’t have too much time to makeup then choose simple techniques. You can create simple look through giving natural complexion for this you have to put same eye colors and lip paint such as you can put mustard or low brownish color with same color. You don’t need any extra things such as mascara or eyeliner because they require a lot of time.

Glossy Makeup LookGlossy Makeup Look

After doing basic steps for Party Makeup Style choose gold shade and apply on eye lid and bold the eyebrow bone with pale brown shade. Choose shiner lip oil with pink or flecked shade it will give a flattering lip consider the shade more in center of lips.

Party Makeup With Soft Peach TouchParty Makeup With Soft Peach Touch

Soft peach Party Makeup Style is one of amazing that has chic look. Apply primer or foundation and light base. Apply golden eye shade on eyelids with shine or flat according to your choice add some black color at corners of eyes for smokey look. Apply kajal and mascara. Now choose peach or pink color blush on and apply against your cheeks. End your last step with some nude lipstick color.