Peach Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes & Brown Eye Makeup

Peach Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes & Brown Eye MakeupPeach Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes, I love shimmer and I like to keep looking for the look we can create with bright beautiful  shimmers, I love those creamier ones the most, you take them with your finger and rub it over your lid and it gives you the best 5 minutes look ever possible.

Peach Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes

Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes Tutorial

Normally when we all go out and we want to pull some formal look in our casual look, what do you do? I normally apply some BB cream, some lose powder, some lip gloss on my lips and some on my cheeks and tab and rub over my cheeks a bit, and apply a thick line of Kajal in Eyes, and some mascara, it take no more that 2-3 minutes, but I keep working on a day to day look, I can bet no one sit in front of mirror to get a crazy Eye Makeup every day, we normally use one hardly two shades during day to day life and this is normally and look beautiful  too, but if you want to make your eyes the highlight of your casual look then forget your cheeks, try perfect skin and save the time of foundation or concealer, apply BB cream and go with very natural shade of lips gloss and let your eyes steal the show.

Normally a dramatic liner, either black or bright colored one can safe all of your time, a darkest black line on your tightline and bright wing on upper lash line and a small 1/3 of your lower lash line can give you a diva look, peach eyeshadow for brown eyes if you don’t want to try that then perfect lashes and mascara with cat eye liner an a hint of shimmer on the inner corner of your eye would work perfectly.

Eyeshadow For Dark Brown Eyes

Well let’s start with this simple yet very beautiful look which you can try for your day to day life, it is simple and totally wearable and it look so nice during day light since it is bright and radiant; we will start with clean and washed face and apply moisturizer and SPF all over the face and then we will apply some BB cream to get a flawless base and we are not setting it with lose powder since I want a dew fresh moisturized look, now we will take some creamy eye primer and apply all over the lid and blend till it get absorbed and then we will groom the brows cause we need to give peach eyeshadow for brown eyes, your primer some time to get set.

Now we will take perfect creamy white shimmer and apply all over the eye lid and some under the lower lash line too and blend till it look natural, now you need to take the richest peach shimmer you have in the same platter and apply over the lid and blend it over the crease, since we are using the creamy one so you don’t need to take brushes or you don’t need to be worried about blending, peach eyeshadow for brown eyes we will now take nice pink maroon shade from same platter and apply right over the lid and apply from inner corner to outer corner.

Peach Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes

Now you need to take nice mate pick shad and blend in the crease, you can use the mat pink eye shade or pencil, you just need to add some depth in this shinny look, blend nicely and now take pick shimmer eye pencil and apply a smooth line under your lower lash line, peach eyeshadow for brown eyes take richest darkest black liner you have and apply a smooth thick line over your upper lash line and some on your waterline.