Pedicure At Home With Easy Steps

If you think that you can look beautiful without beautiful feet then you are wrong and if you think that it is very hard to get beautiful feet then you are wrong gain, it is not very hard, you just need to keep your feet clean and moisturized and keep removing the dead cells from your feet and that’s it, isn’t it beautiful and simple.

Pedicure At Home With Easy StepsHere is a list of things that you need, for this pedicure:
Nail clippers,
Cotton pads,
Nail polish remover,
Cuticle cream,
Cuticle pusher,
Nail file
Tub for soaking your feet,
Foot file, pumice stone or a loofah,
Foot scrub, Foot moisturizer

Now we are ready to clean feet at home and let me tell you that if you apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly or Vaseline over your feet hour or so prior to pedicure then it will become much more affective and much more easier, now you need to clean your nails first and for that remove your old nail polish with some nail polish remover and then reshape your nails, and then file them well, and then use a nail file and sooth down the edges, now it is time to soak your nails in water to soft the dead cells.

How to Do a Home Pedicure EasyYou need to take a tub filled with worm water and then add some salt, mustard oil, and some dry and damaged hair shampoo and soak your feet in it for 20 minutes and then remove your feet from and use food brush and brush your feet with it, you can use the same shampoo for your feet too to clean it and then take any nail brush and clean your nails too.

Now you need to take some foot cream scrubber and scrub your feet with it, and then use some plain oil and then keep scrubbing it for another 5 minutes and then wash it off, now scrub your heel and hard skin with lava stone and wash your feet with plain water.

Now you need to moisturizer your feet and for that you can use any mask for your feet, either ready to use mask from market or you can use any homemade mask for that, a mixture of honey, olive oil and vitamin E is great for that purpose, and then take a worm wet towel and wrap your feet in it for another 4 minutes and then wipe off the mask with the same wet worm towel and you are done.

Steps to Do Pedicure at HomeIf you want to apply nail polish then it is time to do that, but if you ask me then I will say that use nail buffer for couple of days, enjoy the freshly cleaned and nourished nails and apply lost of foot cream to keep the moisturizer locked in your skin.