Perfect Pizza Dough & Pizza Sauce

Anyone can make pizza, yss it is not a big thing, if you have perfect dough, you just need to set in dish and then apply sauce and it is better if you have a homemade sauce and then spread some toping according to your taste or according to the availability and then spread lots of cheese and herbs and tara, bake and enjoy, wash it difficult, not at all, and have you ever tried using plain spinach with a slightly sweet dough? Try , its yum, but today I am sharing a perfect recipe of Perfect Pizza Dough and pizza sauce  with all of you to make your pizza even better and tastier.

Perfect Pizza Dough & Pizza SauceIngredients for the dough:
You need lukewarm water no matter what kind of yeast are you using,
One tablespoon sugar,
One and half tablespoon yeast,
2 cups of flour, you can use any flour you like.
Three to four tablespoon vegetable or olive.

This dough has never failed me and if you are not making any mistake then it will give you the best results possible, just make sure you have enough water in your dough to let the yeast work perfectly and add proper sugar and salt to give the right texture, if you want super moist dough then add some milk or some yogurt, it will keep your dough super soft and yummy.

First of all dissolve the sugar in some lukewarm water and sprinkle yeast over, and I always say, if you don’t want to say that yeast was not right at the end then let it start working itself, don’t stir, just give it some 10 minutes until foamy and then stir with a fork and you will see how perfect yeast you have:) now add half cup of lukewarm water in the same bowl and add salt, oil and first  now start making the dough and mix flour with that and keep adding the flour gradually until a soft dough forms and then start kneading for about five minutes,  and then cover it with some sheet and usually put it the microwave oven cause I personally feel it get super active with a bit wormer place so you can try that too and give it some 45 minutes and it will be ready and if you have time then give it a night to get right look.

When you are ready to make pizza, just punch it back and make your pizza base and let it get fluffy a bit again before you put sauce and toppings and that will make your pizza supper yummy.

Now we will come to sauce and fro this classic homemade pizza sauce you need fresh and nicely ripped tomatoes, garlic, and oregano and you can freeze the leftovers too so you have pizza sauce at hand whenever you have a hankering for good homemade pizza.

Now you need one tablespoon olive oil,
One tablespoon minced garlic,
One teaspoon dried oregano,
One Kg diced tomatoes or you can use fresh tomatoes pure too, but I like my chunks so I am using the fresh one,
One teaspoon sugar,
Half teaspoon red pepper flakes,
Half teaspoon kosher salt and some Black pepper

How to Make Perfect Pizza Dough at HomeNow take a medium saucepan and put it over the low heat and add olive oil in it and then add your garlic and cook, stirring, for like three minutes and then add oregano and mix it with garlic well and then  increase the heat and add tomatoes, sugar, red pepper flakes, salt, and black pepper and mix well and then cover it for like 10 minutes on very medium heat and then reduce heat to low for a nice simmer for another 60 minutes and then add some fresh oregano if you have and if you are using and then you need to make it sauce, you can use blender to get a smooth past or you can mask it with folk if you need your chunks with your pizza it is up to you and you will love it.