Pink Paradise Look

I am not a big fan of yellow shade and I never use it solo, but then I used plain yellow shirt and it did look good on me and I thought let’s give it a try, but you need to get perfect skin for that and I am using the lightest pink cheeks with double shaded lips and very cut and very heavy eyes with that, so are you ready to get a very bold and cute, wearable though, look.

We will start with applying the perfect air brushed foundation or concealer and then finish the look with lose transparent face powder, I need a mat and shine less look and for that we will kill the shine and then we will take the lightest pinkish shade and apply on the single stroke on the cheeks and then will take clean brush to blend it and make it more natural and smooth and then we will go straight to eyes.

Pink Paradise LookWe will apply the light brown eye shadow on the eye brows and then we will blend it with the clean brush and I am adding a bit sharp arch on the eye brow and now we will come to the eyes, we will take some brighter than skin eye shadow and apply all over the eyes and a bit under the eyes too and we will start with applying the eye liner, I know it is wrong way, but trust me you will love the impact we will not only apply a thick and perfect wing with black gel liner, but we will start from the inner point or eyes and we will give the eye a perfect almond shape and perfect swing of wing and then we will let it get dry and meanwhile we will take some light shade foundation or concealer and rub it over the lips and make it pretty smooth and then we will take a natural pink lip liner and apply it all over the lips, you need to pay attention on the lines cause we are not going to use any lip liner with that, you need to make perfect shape with that and use mat lip liner cause it will give you perfect look, now we will leave it here and go to eyes.

You need to take mat pink eye shadow and apply it all over your movable lid and then blend horizontal way, don’t touch your liner though, and keep blending it and let it swing a bit over the crease too, now take a thinnest brush you have and take a bit darker pink shade with that and draw a straight line over the crease and then blend it with your ring finger, but don’t blend too much.

Now we will take pure yellow shade with your eye shadow flat brush and apply close your eye lash roots, but let a thinnest pink line between your yellow shade and your liner and then apply a straight vertical line, and blend it smooth way and now you need to take same yellow shade on your angle brush and apply it over the inner corner of your eye and let it cover the 1/3 of inner eye corner too and then take same pink shade with angle brush and draw a line under your lower lash line.

Now take silver white highlighter and apply one over your eye brow bone, over your inner eye corner and some under your lower lash line, but not too much and then apply a thick line of Kajal or gel liner over your water line and apply couple of thick coats of mascara.

Pink Paradise Eye Makeup Tutorial

Pink Paradise Beauty Eye Makeup

Pink Paradise Beauty Eye

Pink Paradise Beauty Lips

Pink Paradise Look makeup ideasYou are almost done, you just need to take a slightly shiny pink lip gloss and apply it inner part of your lips and you are done to go. I hope you like it, but if you don’t, please share the reason with me.