Practical Tips For Good Health

Practical Tips For Good Health1 . We all seek good health every day, but as achieving it is no accident that you are reading this article , there is a need for you to know the path that tells you to do, the important thing is to have the information but above all put in practice . It is urgent that we learn to do disciplined in getting new habits that lead us to be successful which is why we will give you some tips for good health. We describe below a very interesting list analyze each and start your new process. 10 tips for healthy 1. Important Move your body ! You need each day trying to find new ways to move your body. If you live in a building, occasionally use the stairs and not the elevator. Take a walk with your dog (or a neighbor ‘s dog if you have one!) , Organized sports with his friends. Any activity that keeps you moving is not just a sport , it is also a powerful natural -stressing . Think ‘ move’ in small increments of time . You could enroll in a gym and start going at least 2 times a week . Always remember that the more you move , you feel better .

2. Try to avoid as fat. Do not eat the obvious things that you know you will get fat like chips , burgers and full -fat meats such fattening and do much harm to your health. Eat healthy foods such as lean daily cheese , soy milk and / or skim milk , nuts and meat sandwiches (no fat) mayonnaise can eat in moderation , butter and sauces should be eaten in limited quantities today are many versions all this with minimal calories . Three . Learn to reduce stress. Stress comes in many forms. Some techniques recommended by experts are to think positive thoughts . Choose at least 30 minutes of your day doing something you enjoy, such as playing with your pet, watch a movie mood , walk the beach , treat yourself buying something you want, enjoy a dessert , etc.

3. You have to quit! All experts agree with this point. Since 1960 when it was announced that smoking was harmful to health , people gradually reduced the use of snuff . Recently, it has seen a resurgence in cigarette consumption by adolescents . Find ways to quit smoking such as therapy , group meetings smokers who want to leave the service , even there are many natural supplements that will help , always consult your naturopathic doctor or professional. May . Reduce your exposure to Pollution Not everyone can live in an environment free from smoke and pollution. Exercise in a well ventilated air . You can also practice with the air conditioner on , as long as the quality is good. Plant trees around your house if you do not live in the building, and preventing pollution. If riding a bicycle in traffic, if you can cover your mouth and nose clear .. Try to make it good and not ridiculous with clothes not end up looking like a clown.

4. Wear seat belts when driving does not matter if you drive or in the passenger seat , should always wear a seat belt . Statistics show that seat belt use helps prevent many serious injuries in an accident . This is one of practical advice for good health and not harm our body in an accident. 7. No drink can shrink alcohol maximum is true that a glass of wine a day ( two for men ) can help protect against heart disease, more alcohol than that, or get drunk , can cause other serious health problems such as liver problems (liver ) or kidney cancer. 8. Good oral hygiene , brush your teeth theme Harvard study on longevity and found one of the most important things that help you look younger , is the fact brush after every meal, etc. . It may surprise you , but no one really knows why this happens. It could be because people who do it often several times a day is more aware of their health and care more than people who do not?

5. Choosing a positive mental outlook Here is a direct connection between living well and healthily and having a cheerful outlook on our lives. 10. Lives for himself, not for the rest ! First of all you should know that the most important person in your life is yourself. Do not rely on other people to be happy, because happiness is within. Do not base your joys never sorrows or someone else, you will never be happy that way.

6. Tips for good health through a positive attitude , I wanted to revisit this part of paragraph 9 that reason many of the ills that welcome the human being lies in thought the Bible says as a man thinketh in his heart so is this . The man is required to fill your thoughts uplifting things such as the desire to live better, have good health , be physically fit , have a good home , etc. . The list can be endless , but the mind betrays us thinking the opposite of what should really be the fullness of life. Thoughts become things we want if every day we think we are successful in a few months / weeks we will be successful in what we undertake , if we think we are happy we will be and we will happy to others, in other words you decides that fitness is to remain in the correct spirit chooses practical advice for good health.