Remedies For Bad Breath

Remedies For Bad BreathUsually bad breath is caused by the accumulation of food debris between teeth result of poor oral hygiene , tooth decay, smoking and drinking alcohol. It can also be a symptom of gingivitis, tonsillitis infection , sinusitis , diabetes , bronchitis, liver disorders or constipation. Here are some remedies to control it.

practical remedies

Eating citrus as they stimulate salivation and help eliminate the activity of some enzymes that produce odor.
Brushing with baking soda.
Breakfast. Many people who skip breakfast have bad breath at least until lunch.
Drink a glass of water after eating .
Chewing parsley, cilantro , rosemary , watercress , thyme or anise or cardamom seeds after eating. These are digestive and help fight halitosis.
Take carrot juice , celery , cucumber and watercress with a pinch of paprika . These have digestive , antiseptic and detoxifying properties .

Rinse mouth with an infusion of cloves cinnamon , anise seed and rosemary. You can make a tincture putting theseĀ  herbs in sherry soaked for two weeks and add a few drops daily for a cup of water.