Romantic Makeup Tutorial & Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know

Today we are going to create a very beautiful look for all of you who are planning something supper romantic and special on weekend, I just want you to start for this look a bit before the last moment, I want you to get perfect preparation, pick the right dress and accessories and then start working on your looks, and we will say you should keep an on your skin first, we know that markets are loaded with products which can solve any issue your skin is facing, but nothing can make you look sexier than a natural look, you can see that the look we are creating is a perfect skin and  we did not put lots of foundation here, keep your skin as clean as possible and as fresher as possible.Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know

Romantic Makeup Tutorial

I always say follow the night cleaning routine pretty regularly and you will see the result of that time when you actually need it, you need to try steam your face 3-4 times a week and scrub after it and mask three times a week and wash your face three times a day and see what your skin actually need to look clean and beautiful  and then try a natural look and it would give you a perfect romantic look, cause romance or love means, you are absolutely comfortable with this particular person with your natural skin, you are making efforts to look good and batter, but  you are not plastic and you are not using too much artificial or fake looks to look batter or impress that one.

Romantic Makeup TutorialWell we are going to give you very cute and very charming looks which look pretty fascinating too, but it is not a hot smoky look, it is a pretty look and make you look beautiful not sexy, the look we are creating today is for lovers, couples, not daters or people who still looking for that right one, no offense.Romantic Makeup Tutorial

We will start with a perfect cleaned, scrubbed and moisturized skin, if you are going out in day time then take some serum with SPF and rub it all over your face and it will get absorbed pretty quick and then apply some tint moisturizer or foundation or concealer and blend well to get perfect look and finish the look with applying some lose powder-highlighter to get a mat yet glowing look.Get a Romantic Makeup Look for Valentines Day

Now we will take lighter than skin tone foundation and apply right over the eye lid and blend well, now we will take lightest brown shade and apply all over the lid, it will act as base and will make the blending and smoother look easy to get.Romantic Makeup Tutorial & Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know

Now take velvety burgundy shade with small eye shadow brush and apply at the outer corner of your eyes, apply some on the upper lid and some under the lower lash line too, now take a fresher clean brush and blend the shade inward, I am not saying that you need to blend the shade all over your lid, just define the crease and over the lid, but keep blending till you make it look so natural.

Romantic Makeup EyesNow take a slightly shimmery peach shade and fill in the crease and keep blending till it look natural and fed the burgundy shade with that , now take skin tone highlighter and apply in the inner 1/3 of your lid under your eye lash, and over the brow bone and blend, now take a black eye pencil and apply over the lid and under the lower lash line and create a dramatic thick wing too, a cat eye look and attach it on the inner corner of your eyes too, now take a smallest brush you have and take light gray shade and fed the lines with that shade till it look dreamy and finis the look with mascara.