Rosy Smokey Eye Tutorial & DIY Smokey Eye Makeup

I bet you would have ordered your NAKED 3 Palette by now since it is officially here again with some magical and shiny classy shades, and the look I am trying today is almost perfect for your new Palette cause I am using the same shades and you can create 100s of looks with that palette, so are you ready to get a smooth soft yet sexy Beautiful Pink Smoky Look? Let’s start.Rosy Smokey Eye Tutorial

We will start with perfect base and for that we will apply moisturizer and then foundation or concealer and blend well and then we will apply primer all over the lid and bled well, now we will fill the Eye brow With Brown and gray shade and blend well.

Rosy Smokey Eye Tutorial

Rosy Smokey Eye Tutorial

Now we will take champagne shade with small lid blender and apply it all over the movable lid and then blend well, rosy smokey eye tutorial, now we will take a flat brush and take rose shiny shade you have and then apply over the outer lid and sooth down the harsh lines.Rosy Smokey Eye

Now take the gold shade of same texture and apply on the inner lid, patting on the color instead of blending we want to keep the pink shade alive, and then take a pink shade with small brush and apply over the lid.

DIY Smokey Eye Makeup

Now take the thin tip brush that you use to create V at the out corner of your lid and take matte plum shade with that, if you don’t have the shade then you can use any mat darker shade of pink and apply on the crease and blend out with and take matte beige or pink shade and apply, rosy smokey eye tutorial on the outer end of the lid and take a clean brush and blend your lid with that.

Now you need to take velvety gray plum shade or any matching shade and apply over the outer V and apply the same shade over lower lash line and then use a fluffy brush and take shimmery pale pink and apply over the inner corner of your eye and blend well.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

Now apply a thick black line over your upper lash and extend the wing and then apply a waterproof line on your water line too and finish the look with mascara. I didn’t use any highlighter or highlight my brow bone, but if you want to then you can use the same shade that you used over your inner corner.