Sensuous Sharp Eye Makeup & Eye Makeup Styles

Sensuous Sharp Eye Makeup & Eye Makeup StylesSensuous Sharp Eye Makeup & Eye Makeup Styles,If you want to steal a party and you want to look extra ordinary then you need to work something extra and you need to try something a bit bold and for that you can try some bold strokes and some bold shade and today I am shearing a very beautiful  bright golden look with you which is not only very conscious and very sharp, it is very elegant and feminine too and at the same time you will look extra ordinary too and if you have supper steady hands then it will take no more than 10 minutes and you will be done, so are you ready to try that look.

Sensuous Sharp Eye Makeup

Classic Lift Eye Makeup

We will start with applying foundation all over the face and then apply perfect base, now you need to take some very light shade of foundation or concealer and apply all over the lid, you can use 2 shade lighter than your skin tone to use on your lid and then rub well, sensuous sharp eye makeup now you need to take black shimmery eye shadow and apply on the end of your Eyelid and rub very lightly and now take bright white shimmery eye shadow and apply on the remaining part of your lid and rub with your finger on the rest of your eyes, now you need to take shiny gold shimmery Eye Shadow with flat brush and apply on the white eye shadow.

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Don’t rub it, use tab application and then rub it all over your lid including that white part and over the crease too and blend it well with the black eye shadow too, now take mate shade of gold and apply on the crease and a bit over too and blend well, you need to blend your black shade and your silver shade well to create the new look and then take bright golden particle and apply on the inner 1/3 of your lid and tab apply over your sliver and brown shade, now we need to apply that over the inner corner too, but before that you need to apply liner and we are using old Egyptian eyeliner style for that and take gel liner and line your rim too and then joint the corners too.

Eyes Makeup Look

Now take a gel pencil and apply a thick line under your lower lash line and let it wing over the corner and then apply the same kind of line over the upper lash line too and let it swing it over the same line, sensuous sharp eye makeup now if you have golden mascara then apply a single coat of black mascara and very light coat of golden on your lashes and you are done, BTW I am hoping that you are grooming your eye brows too.

Sensuous Sharp Eye Makeup