Simple Evening Eye Makeup & Perfect Evening Smokey Eye

We friends normally arrange a kind of fancy get together once a month and we all enjoy that party like celebrities, but we normally don’t invite something new so we normally keep things pretty simple and we pay attention on the enjoyment, we don’t spend too much time in front of mirrors, and that is a very simple yet very stylish look that we are going to share with you today.

Simple Evening Eye MakeupSimple Evening Eye Makeup

First of all you need to start with base, and for that we all normally use just BB cream if it is a day to night time occasion then you can try some foundation or concealer and blend well and then a simple stroke of lose transparent powder finish the base and then we will come to eyes.

Simple Evening Eye MakeupStart your eye makeup with preparing it, and for that I normally use concealer and rub it all over the lid and some around the eyes too and then some lighter than skin tone base coat and apply one the movable lid and then blend it all over the lid, now we will groom the eye brow first and for that use matching eye shade and blend it well to get the natural and soft look.Simple Evening Eye Makeup

Now take eye base and apply from lash to lid and normally we use the shade that is from the group of our own eye shade and then take the shade you decide to apply on the lid and apply on the center of your lid and blend it well, now take a bit darker shade, preferably the darker version of the shade you picked for the center of your eyes, now take it with small brush and apply it over the outer corner of your lid, and blend it in and the use the same shade over the crease and increase the depth of your eyes with that shade and then take some darker shade and blend it well.

Simple Eye Makeup TumblrNow take the shade you use for your crease with liner brush and apply on the lower lash line, now take some highlighter and apply on the bone and blend and then take the same shade and apply on the inner corner of the eye to brighten it up and apply some under the lower lash line and if you are planning to use some liner then it is time to apply the liner and then finish the look with mascara.Evening makeup for blue eyes