Simple Weight Lose Tricks Ideas

During the winter of 2012, I was almost 9 stone heavy and then I came to know that one of my all time close and favorite Aunt is getting married within three month and I wanted to get fit in smaller size of dress and then I actually picked some simple, yet safe ways to lose weight faster and I picked some simple tricks and some herbs to get better result, I did reduce my calories to 1200 a day, but I actually reduce my fat and my sugar intake completely, I use to take one teaspoon sugar in one week and no fat at all, I did use nuts and some avocado, but not pure oil, but you cannot add olive oil into bad oil list at all, can you? Now here are some simple tricks that you need to try to lose weight faster.

Simple Weight Lose Tricks Ideas

Water is essential and good for your weight lose, you need to increase your water intake up to 20 glasses of water, although it is not possible to start at once, but you will be able to drink health amount of water eventually and it will not only help you get better looks, but will help you lose bad fats too , start your day with 4 glasses of chilled water and you can add some lemon and honey in it too and if you want super rapid weight lose then try hot water with one teaspoon Apple Cider Vinegar and that will help you lose weight within one to two months.

If you have strong stomach and you don’t have issues of acidity then you can try lemon diet, and I can assure you, it will help you lose KGs within month, take 10 cups everyday and it will help you lose all bad fats and excessive weight too. Say Good No for all fried and all sweet things, no junk food and no over cooked food too, try to use something that provide you minerals and vitamins instead of fat and try to stay on uncooked diet three times a week, eat healthy vegetables, fruits, sushi and other than that days try to eat small healthy meals and if you really want to lose weight then don’t eat outside your home, no cheating in that regards, you will be what you will eat during these months, so eat healthy and lean.

Best Way to Lose Weight

Try to use soup for lunch, and for that you can try any soup you like, just be healthy and try chicken soup cause it is a great meal-it will make you lose weight faster , but beans and lentil are great too, try green soup too. Eat one teaspoon of black cumin seeds 4 times a day with warm water and take 5 glass of hot water with one tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar. Sleep well and add some good physical activities in your life.