Simple Yet Glamorous Makeup Look

Yet Glamorous Makeup Look, Today I am going to share something very cute and very simple and the cutest thing about that look is,  it will take just 5-10 minutes of yours time and you will look cute, Simply Hot and Smoky Cute, and I picked that look for today since I had to get ready in just 20-30 minutes cause I had to work and I had to get ready after word for a party and that was the look, I ended up with and I can tell you that if you have well Groomed Eye Brows and perfectly neat and clean skin then you can get ready in just 5 minutes.

We will start with base, apply moisturizer since it is getting too colder lately, and then apply foundation or concealer and blend perfectly, you need to look flawless so pay attention on your base and then apply highlighter and contour your face well, yet glamorous makeup add some shine and some highlighter which will give you a star look in lights and make you look like a diva.

Yet Glamorous Makeup

Simple Yet Glamorous Makeup LookNow we will start with primer, apply a very smooth and thin layer of primer all over your eye lid and blend well and meanwhile we will fill in the eye borrows and blend well cause we are using creamy look so I am using creamy eye pencil and blend, then take slightly greenish white eye shadow base and apply all over the lid and blend yet glamorous makeup look.

Now we will take slightly pale golden highlighter and apply it over the inner corner of the eye and some over the brow bone too, now take some bate finished pure snow white shade and tab apply over the lid and under the lower lash line too.

Glamorous Eye MakeupNow take pure black gel liner and apply a wind and extend and apply mascara, I am using fake lashes, so you can too if you like, or just apply a thick coat of mascara and let it get dry and meanwhile apply blush on, we are using rosy cheeks with candy pink lips and now it is time to add glam our in this Yet Glamorous Makeup look.

Glamorous Eye Makeup TutorialTake pure golden gel line and apply a single line on rims, just with lashes, don’t cover the rims or it will make your eyes look too small.

  • I hope you like it and will give it a try.
  • Best of luck and enjoy your weekend.