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Skin Care Tips Home Remedies & Summer Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Tips Home Remedies & Summer Skin Care TipsToday we are going to help you get beautiful  skin with very simple tips and I am going to use natural things for skin care cause I never ever used any chemical or ready to use things on my skin, I am too sensitive for all of these things and I believe that I will damage my skin with these things, I don’t even know what they put in there, so there is no way to apply that on my face at all so I am sharing my skin care tips with you and I use natural things so you can use them too without any fear.

Skin Care Tips Home Remedies

Skin Care Tips Home Remedies1:-  Use warm milk and lemon your clean your face, I take 5 tablespoon hot milk and add one tablespoon lemon and half teaspoon honey and use it as cleansing milk with cotton buds and keep wiping my skin with soaked cotton bud till I use all of it and then let it get dry on my face and then wash it off with muslin cloth and warm water and then splash chilled water, it is one of the best cleaning routine, if you have dry skin care tips home remedies then add few drops of almond oil and some honey with milk and if you have oily skin then add lemon, milk and some sea salt in it and mix well.

2:-  Make homemade scrub with salt and olive oil for dry skin, olive oil and almond powder for dry skin and If you have regular normal skin then just take some baking powder and make a paste like consistency with water and apply it all over your face for 10 minutes after oil cleaning and then wash it off with warm water and splash with chilled water, remove dead cells and white and blackheads three times a week with that and use alum powder to clean your skin every day, it is a very simple way to get beautiful  skin care tips home remedies naturally.

Face Skin Care Home Remedies3:-  Soak one tablespoon unpolished rice and red lentil in warm milk for 2 hours and then make smooth but hard paste with it and apply it all over your face and neck for 10 -20 minutes and then scrub it off with wet hands, you can use it once a week to get one toned and smoother skin and it is very good to keep your skin care tips home remedies young and healthy.

4:-  Replace your face wash with gram flour, orange peel powder, and turmeric mixture and wash your face with that mixture everyday to get smoother and clearer skin care tips home remedies and it is very good to lighten your skin tone too.

5:-  Use rose water as skin mist, spray your face with chilled rose water time to time throughout the day and it is very good to have clean and beautiful skin and it shrinks your pours too.

Summer Skin Care Tips6:-  Make a smooth paste with mint leaves and add some fresh hot milk in it and one tablespoon sandal wood and apply it all over your face and your neck, but don’t rub too much, and let it get dry and then wash it off with chilled water, it is very good to lighten your skin tone and it is very good to give your skin a glow and shine too, mind water is very good to consume too and it will help you get batter skin care tips home remedies from inside out.

7:-  Clay mask is very good for oily skin, just mix it with rose water or milk and you can use it every other day to get smooth grease less skin.

8:-  Drink lots of water and eat healthy well balanced diet.

9:-  Sleep well.

10:-  Be natural and try not to use too much cosmetics.