Smokey Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes

I personally think that girls with blue eyes are blessed with the perfect look possible and they don’t really need to do lots of things to get attention, the only thing they need to learn is, how to dazzle their original look and they will get all the attention you like and today we are going to share some simple steps to get smoke look for your blue eyes.

Mokey Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes Step by Step You should start with the perfect base and then apply some lose powder all over your skin , I personally feel that if you have blue eyes then you should use either too bright skin or slightly brown, you just need to apply base and blend well and then apply lose powder all over your skin and finish the look.

Now you need to pick the shade for your lid and here is what normally girls make mistake, they normally think that the opposite or the BFF of blue is black and they use black liner and mascara and end up with Emo Kid look, the BFF of blue is brown, not black.

YOU will need eye shadow and a kohl pencil or, for the drama effect, an eye liner and perfect mascara for a beautiful smoky look. Now when you are done with base we will start with eyebrows, you need to make sure they are perfectly shaped and then fill it with brown shade and bled well to get a soft natural look, the better your eyebrows look, the better the final outcome of your make-up routine would be.

Draw the contour of your eyes with your kohl pencil, only draw around the outer angles because if you draw the entire eye it will only make your eyes look smaller and thinner and then try liquid eyeliner and apply lines but you don’t really have to use steady hands we are going to smudge then endways.

Smokey Eye Makeup For Blue EyesNow take your eye shadow and apply around the corners of your eyes, you can use light skin brown shade and apply entirely on your lid and then use your fingers to smudge your liners and that will actually give you best impact and a pretty quick too.

Now take some gray blue shade and apply one the crease and blend well with your finger and let it go over the crease a bit too and then take nice blue golden shade and apply on the inner corner of your eyes and tab some silver on it and then apply the same silver over the bone and blend well till it start looking pretty invisible and then take darkest brown shiny shade you have and apply on the lower lash line and smudge well, and now take dark brown or copper gel liner and apply over the top lash line and under the lower lash line too and some mat brown pencil over the water line and finish the look with brown mascara and you are done.

How to Get The Smokey Eye Look For Blue Eyes

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