Spices For Healthy Hair & Homemade Hair Care Tips

Tips For Healthy Hair GrowthSpices For Healthy Hair & Homemade Hair Care Tips, Today we are going to see how some of our all time favorite spices can help us to get beautiful  hair, I normally relay on Aloe Vera Gel, Fenugreek Seeds and essential oils for my Hair, but I know there are lots of other things which can help us to get Beautiful Hair too, and the list of those things is longer than you can imagine so I am not sharing that list, not today at least, instead I am shearing something simple and something which you can keep in mind when you suffer with hair issues.

Spices For Healthy Hair

Spices For Healthy Hair & Homemade Hair Care Tips

Here are some spices which are yummy for your food and great for your hair too:

Cinnamon:- Cinnamon is a very commonly sweet spice used in powder form or sometimes whole in many dishes and sweets too, it has a very sensational flavor which is very important for variety of curries, desserts and drinks and it is famous for culinary benefits as well and it has medicinal benefits too, and now it is showing some wonder and promises impacts in beauty world too, spices for healthy hair and it is becoming an ultimate solution to hair problem too, since Cinnamon has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which can help with scalp infections and prevent dandruff too and it is very good to improve blood flow too which is very important for your hair and scalp too.

You just need to mix cinnamon powder and honey in equal quantities and add olive oil to make a smooth runny paste, now we will apply this mixture on scalp massage for 2 minutes and then leave on for an hour, it will show some burning sensation, but that is how it work, spices for healthy hair and then wash it off with running water and baby shampoo, spices for healthy hair you just need to try this once every week and it will help you get batter hair and looks.

Cinnamon For Hair Lightening

You can make homemade oil with olive oil and some cinnamon and warm it up for 2 minutes and then apply this oil thoroughly on your scalp when still tepid and cover your hair with smooth wet worm cotton towel for hour and do it once a week to promote growth of hair naturally, Cinnamon, honey and egg is a great mask for oily hair and it will help you get smooth and healthy hair naturally.

Cumin Seeds:- Cumin Seeds are famous for stomach issues and weight loss; it has an aromatic bitter yet warm flavor and is used extensively in many dishes, drinks and chutneys in Indian cuisines and other, and you can get white, spices for healthy hair black and amber cumin seeds, and they all contain vitamins and minerals which are extremely beneficial for hair and for your internal system too, here are some tips to use cumin seeds for your hair.

Cumin Seeds For Hair Growth

Mix cumin oil and olive oil in equal amounts and apply on scalp, but don’t rub too harsh, and spices for healthy hair it is great for bald patches and you cannot only treat baldness with this, you can prevent hair lose too if any. Boil two spoons of black cumin seeds in a cup of water for just ten minutes and then mix the egg yolk in filter water and apply it on your scalp for thirty minutes and wash it off and you can do it twice a week to get shiny and silky hair and it is naturally good for your hair dryness and dandruff too.

Coriander Seeds:- Coriander seeds are extremely good for your internal system and it is very good for your hair too and you can sue it to treat hair fall too and for that you need to add some powdered coriander seeds to your hair oil and use it for massaging your scalp, that’s it as simple as it is, spices for healthy hair it’s great to stimulate hair roots and aid the growth of hair too.

Coriander Seeds Benefits For Hair