Spicy Masala Dosa Recipe

If you want to enjoy the best Dosa possible then it is better to use Dosa batter that is more than 2 days old and little sour and then when you add all the spices and ingredients, it will mix all the taste together and will give you the right flavor, so are you ready to try the best Spicy Masala Dosa ever? Dosa or Chatamari in Newari, is a fermented crepe or pancake of India and it is one of all time favorite dish of south India and they use rice batter and black lentils for this yummy dish and normally people from southern Indian states including Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala use it as their traditional dish and you will see the open window restaurants of Dosa in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore too and today I am making the easiest version of Dosa as I am not from India, but I have seen people making it and I have tried it couple of time and I loved the result.

Spicy Masala Dosa RecipeIngredients For Dough:- 4 cups of Rice, one cup of Urad Dal, one cup of Beaten Rice and 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds, now let me tell you that you need to soak rise for 4-6 hours and you need to soak seeds and dal for just hours no more than that and then grind them well, but not too well cause we are looking or a rough mixture and now it is done, you need to leave it for overnight and ferment for overnight or 8-10 hours will make your dosa the best dosa ever.

Now You Need to Make Masala The Filling For Your Dosa:- You need Onion, Green chilies, Turmeric powder, Bengal Gram, crushed Cashew nuts, Curry leaves, salt and Oil, Put a pan on fire and add some oil and then fry nuts till they become golden now add onions, turmeric powder, and chili and cook for a while and then add curry leaves and sauté well and now it is done, you need to take the dough in a separate bowl and add the masal in it and mix well and now you need to prepare the dosa.

Heat a nonstick pancake pan and add some oil on the pan, just couple of drops and now add some dosa batter over the pan and spread as a regular dosa or pan cake, but you need to use something to make it thin and keep spreading it and then sprinkle some oil on top and cook with lid covered and chunky spicy masala dosa is ready.

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Simple Dosa Recipe

Spicy Masala Dosa

Spicy Masala Dosa Recipe