The Best Natural Elixir For Your Skin

The Best Natural Elixir For Your SkinNatural oils are a gift of the plants for the beauty of our skin. Not only help moisturize , but provide benefits for all skin types due to its high content of natural nutrients such as unsaturated fatty acids.

The moisturizing oils such as almond , help stabilize the metabolism of dry and flaky skin . First, increasing the lipid content in the upper layer , thereby enhancing the protective function. Second, penetrate to reach the deeper areas and provide full hydration in all layers of the skin. There are also oils for oily, like jojoba oil , which are able to moisturize skin without leaving greasy .

Many also contain vitamins A and E, in charge of regeneration and skin elasticity groups. This makes body oils great allies against premature skin aging . Most of them can also be used on sensitive skin like babies , because their effects are not aggressive , but act with maximum softness and protection.

Open new doors to the care of your skin with body oils .