The Healthiest Food For The Skin

The Healthiest Food For The Skin3Are there beneficial nutrients for the skin? The answer is yes , but do not think that by eating more or less of this and that your skin will change miraculously. What is certain is that by improving your diet , your skin will reflect it accordingly. We tell you what foods are best for your skin. Get the shopping list.

If we take care with nutricosmetics , can we get a similar effect just food ? Yes and no. Yes because taking a balanced diet that will get reflected in the condition of our skin . Just do not eat anything in particular in mass quantities that you will get your skin change , and less than a minute now.
In general , it is essential to eat healthy, healthy way , providing your body with all the nutrients needed , and some of these foods are especially good for the skin . Yes,you must eat continuously.

Olive oil
Your skin needs fat and vitamin E to regenerate and be protected acids. Therefore, olive oil is one of the best foods for your skin, so do not forget to add it to your diet. Just do not mean that you should bathe your food in this oil , just to be sure to consume in normal amounts ( about 3-4 tablespoons a day).

The Healthiest Food For The Skin

The skin needs vitamin C and antioxidants to protect against external agents and prevent premature aging . Citrus fruits like orange , lemon and grapefruit should not be missing in your daily diet.

The Healthiest Food For The Skin5

Contain much sulfur, an essential mineral to synthesize keratin . That is,it will benefit the state of your hair! It has anti – fat action, which also abounds in milk and its derivatives , as well as whole grains .

The Healthiest Food For The Skin2

Like other nuts ( also hazelnuts, walnuts or pistachios ) , reduce cell oxidation due to its high content of vitamin E. They provide fatty acids also provide flexibility and prevent skin blemishes and aging.

The Healthiest Food For The Skin

Not a food, it is colorless , odorless and tasteless , but it is essential for skin health . The two liters a day are not only necessary to quench your thirst , but also hydrate you . In fact, the internal dehydration also noticeable in the skin, which is dry and stiff . It also helps eliminate toxins which, incidentally , are also reflected on your face with dullness and the presence of dark circles.The Healthiest Food For The Skin1