Tips For Bigger Looking Eyes & Makeup Tricks

We are going to talk about some simple tips, make your eyes pop or appear bigger and how to make them the most beautiful part of your face, I am sharing couple of tips and you need to try all of them and see which one will work for you and which will help you get the right look you want.

Tips For Bigger Looking Eyes

Tips For Bigger Looking Eyes1- First of all you need to know that you are not a pro and you need to pay lots of attention to get the right look, so you need to pay so much attention on your liner, that is one of the most authentic trick to get the right bright and popped up look, first of all you want to line your eyes with a pencil liner because it’s easier and then apply straight gel line over it and see what sort of line suits you, thick or large.

Makeup to make your eyes look larger2- Next thing that you need to try is 2 shades of liners, try pure black on the top lash line and then light brown one under the lower lash line, it will not only give you a very soft and mild touch, but it will help you get the brighter and bigger looking eyes too.

Tips For Bigger Looking Eyes3- Next thing is the most ancient way to get bigger looking eyes, take a pure white eye pencil or a nude and line the inside rim of your lower eyelid and that will actually help you get the bigger looking eyes.

 So apparently, a lot of you want bigger eyes, because it seems to be a request4- Next is, take a transparent mascara and apply tight before your lash curling and then let it get dry completely and then apply a black or brown mascara over your lashes for like 2-3 times and let it give your lashes a extra thickness and length and your eyes a bigger eye impact.

I have big eyes makeup tips & makeup tips to make eyes bigger5- Next you need to pay attention on Smudging of upper lash line, you need to apply a light shade liner, like, light brown or gray and blend it well and then apply a straight line of black or brown liner and that will help you keep your lid on the place and make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Makeup Tips for Bigger Eyes6- If you line up the both rims of your eyes then that will close the eye and make it look smaller, so apply so to make it look larger, you only want to apply it both halfway on top and bottom and that will help you get larger looking eyes.

7- Apply shimmering tip to the inner corners of the eyes and then blend it with your index finger and that will help your eyes to look larger.

Tips For Younger Looking EyesLast but not least, use shiny light shade on the middle of your eye lid and blend and it helps with my smaller looking eyeball, so maybe it work for you too,Tips For Bigger Looking Eyes.