Tips Keep Makeup Fresh Longer

Cosmetic and makeup has become a very common thing nowadays and we all use some cosmetic on our face before we go out, some use full face and some sue natural looks, but no matter what you apply, you still want to carry that look throughout the day and for that we are going to use some simple tips to keep the makeup fresher for longer hours.

Tips Keep Makeup Fresh LongerHere are some simple tips for long lasting makeup look:

Always start with fresh washed face, it is better if you rub your face with muslin cloth or some mild scrubber and then wash your face with worm water and then splash some chilled water all over your face and then apply some moisturizer over your light wet face and that will not only absorb the moisturizer and the foundation or concealer perfectly and will give you smooth look and will keep you fresh longer hours.

Primer is a great help and it is very too to keep the makeup for long time, one should always invest in a good quality primer according to the skin tone and then give your skin time to absorb it well and then it will work as glue on your face to keep your makeup in place for hours.

Tips for Keeping Your Makeup Fresh All Night LongYou should always use brush to apply foundation for long lasting effects, it will not only give you a better coverage, but it will help to blend the foundation well and will keep it longer too , it is time consuming and a bit tricky, but still it is very important to get perfect look.

Tips to Keep Vegetables Fresh LongerIt is always better to sue products with waterproof properties, foundation or concealer with silicon and eye liner and mascara with gel form and that is a very good way to keep them for long times of periods and follow the essential steps to apply the foundation or concealer, lipsticks and eye makeup and try to seal with perfect products and enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

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