Tips To Care Your Lips

Tips To Care Your LipsAre the lips that always a mess ? Filled ?  and dry? Does he feel terrible winter this area of ​​your face? We asked Pillar Lopez , head of product Galenic , what can we do to end this unwelcome hiccup . And this is what he told us .

“The lips , like the face, exposed daily to external regressions ( mechanical action , chemical, physical , microbial and weather ) but its structure , especially thin and the absence of protective film, make it an area with high drying trend . Moreover, no labial epidermis  so has no physical protection against UV nor “says Pillar Lopez .
10 tips to improve our lips
1. Exfoliate gently . You can use your toothbrush gently.
2 . Hydrate in depth , at least once a week
3 . Use a lip contour .
4 . Always wear lip balm in your purse and apply it as often as necessary.
5 . Protect them from ultraviolet radiation.
6. No smoking.
7. Drink plenty of water .
8. Avoid biting the lips.
9. No humecederlos tongue .
10. No gesturing excessively . With these guidelines will get through the winter with manicured lips , juicy and easy to make up .

And a home remedy . To exfoliate your lips and release of the flakes , mix a little honey with sugar and applied. Massage a few minutes, rinse and moisturize with a lip balm . Perfect lips !