Tips To Get Beautiful Lips

Everyone wants to have beautiful soft and naturally pink lips, nothing is sexier and prettier than natural, if you have perfect skin that you don’t need to use foundation or concealer and if you have baby pink cheeks and lips and when you smile then anyone can see the shade of you happiness on you cheeks and on your eyes then trust me, you are the most beautiful and the most blessed woman possible and that is the main purpose of our blogs, I pay all my attention to look for things that can help you get such kind of look naturally, I am not against of cosmetic, but I like home made natural things to get natural and permanent look.

Tips To Get Beautiful Lips

Here are some simple tips for all of you to get beautiful lips:

If you lipstick is making your lip look black or dark brown then you are probably not using the right kind of products, stop using that immediately and now that is the time when you need to start thing about the natural look of your lips so stop using lipstick, use light shaded lip gloss and lip balms, you can get any shad you like, but try to use light pink to get rid of that dark lips.

Get a organic rose plant and evening take some fresh red rose petals  and make a smooth paste with that adding fresh butter in it or glycerin and apply over your lips and keep it over night and in the morning rub them with tooth brush ad you will love the look.

Tips to Get Beautiful Lips Naturally

Never forget night massage your lips and for that you can use honey and almond oil and mix them together and rub it all over your lips, you can rub it over your lips to if you like and massage in small circulate motions and that will not only solve your lips dryness issues, but it will help you get younger looking skin permanently. Make a mixture of mustered oil and castor oil and keep it in a dropper, pour couple of drops in your belly button every night and pay attention to keep it clean in the morning and that will help you get moisturizer skin inside out.

Ayurvedic Beauty Tips For Lips

Take a tablespoon of honey wax and worm it up a bit and then add one tablespoon coco butter in it and store it in cool but not freezing place and use it as your lip balm and it will not only keep your lips moisturized and soft, but it will help you get beautiful  light shade too. Use sugar scrubber to scrub off all the dead cells from your lips everyday, Smile a lot and stay happy.