Tips To Get Healthy Teeth

We are going to help you with your oral health and I not going to waste any time talking about oral health, instead we will start talking about some simple rules to have beautiful teeth and then some tips to get beautiful teeth and healthy gums.

Tips To Get Healthy Teeth

  1. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day and brush your tongue and your gums as well with soft hands and wash your mouth with salty water.
  2. Never ever brush your teeth immediately after eating acidic foods as it can ruin the enamel of your teeth badly.
  3. If you like citric fruits or drinks then use straw to do that, because drinking acidic juices or soda straight can ruin the calcium of your teeth and when you drink something too sweet or citric, rinse your mouth thoroughly afterward.
  4. Change your toothbrushes after every 2 month for sure, cause a worn off brush can actually harm your gums and your tooth.Now we are going to help you with some tips to get beautiful teeth.

1. Cinnamon:- We now that, dentists always suggest cinnamon-flavored chewing gum to reduce bacteria in the mouth and then I thought, why? And then I tried using plain cinnamon powder to clean my teeth for a week and I did actually notice tremendous change in my teeth, better and clean healthier teeth.

2. Eat Foods That Scrub:- You should eat such kind of food that scrub your teeth and I would suggest apple, strawberries, carrots, celery, and unsweetened popcorn and they will not only help you get better gums, but will scrub your teeth too.

3. Flavonoids are great thing to get beautiful and white teeth and for that you can take a cup of tea in the morning and it will prevent harmful bacteria also block production of a type of sugar that contributes to cavities too.

How to Get Healthy White Teeth4. Baking Powder :- Take some baking powder with your regular tooth brush and brush your teeth every other with baking power for a good 1 minutes with very smooth hands and you will notice an instant shine and whiteness.