Tips To Look Younger With Makeup

Honestly speaking, it is not too hard to get younger looking looks, you just need to pay attention on your lips, lashes, and eyebrows and try to keep your skin naturally lighten and bright and it will actually help you get brighter mood too and today I am going to give you some simple tips to get a younger looking look with cosmetics, if you are not new here on this page then I will believe that you are one of those beauties who look after their skin and their priceless assets with care and natural ways which means you don’t need to use thick and cakey foundation or concealer and I love that feeling, when you don’t have to hide, you look better and natural and you look fresher too, shell we start?.

Tips To Look Younger With MakeupSmooth Start:- As I always say, when you are trying to get a natural yet bright look then you should try something creamy as a base, no matter what kind of skin you have, you would be able to get something creamy to get smooth look if you will try harder to find it, start with apply moisturizer on your scrubbed skin and then apply creamy, luminous foundation that matches the skin and blend well, and now take some lighter shade of foundation and apply almond-size amount over cheeks and blend and then take some darker foundation or mix some shade in it and apply on forehead, nose, and chin, then blend with a damp sponge for a light veil of coverage which will give you perfect contouring too, now let your skin absorb it well and then take some lose powder better with slightly shin in it and apply it all over your face, neck over your ears and blend well.

Eyelids & Lashes:- now you should take moisturizing primer and apply on your lid and blend, take lighter than skin tone shade and apply all over your lid and then apply bright gel liner over the rim of your eye and then take very natural shade and apply on the lid and then take the darker shade of that shade an apply on the crease and blend it over the outer V of your eye and then finish the look with dark brown or gray mascara.

Eyelids & LashesNow the only thing you need to do is get perfectly cute young lips and for that apply some moisturizer or petroleum jelly and then rub it well till it get absorbed and then apply lip liner matching to your original lip shade and then fill your lips with that and then take any natural shade from pink to tomato read lip gloss and apply on your lips, but not too much and are ready.
Smile a lot and look fresh and beautiful.