Tips to Remove Corns & How to Get Rid of Corns

Corns can be harmless at first, but as you become more large and thick produce discomfort and pain , to the point that the mere fact of suffering is put on .Tips to Remove Corns

Tips to Remove Corns

There are several natural remedies that you can take to remove corns , including the following :
Natural Remedies to remove foot calluses

Nettle . Wash the stems and flowers of nettle . Then , process to get your juice. Apply it on the calluses several times a day , until they disappear completely.

Onion . Every night before bed, rub the area where the average or tripe with onions. Repeat this for several days until the corn disappears .

Tomato . Crush the tomatoes to form a pulp. Put it on the corn and wrap in a bandage. Do this every night , after a while it will be able to eliminate the callus.

Calendula . Cut some leaves marigold and mash to form a paste . Apply this preparation to the affected area , fixed with a bandage and apply the necessary time.

Ajo. From a clove of garlic in half or cut into slices. Top with the corn and secure with a bandage or dressing . Do this for several nights, until the corn disappears.

Higo . Use milk bouncing fig rubbing calluses , after a while it will disappear completely annoying calluses.

Pumice. This is effective only for small or superficial tripe. It is best to soak the feet in warm water for a while and then proceed to remove loose skin using a pumice stone or foot files . Below is convenient to use a moisturizing foot cream .