Top 10 Terrific DIY Tassel Jewelry

Today I am going to share some simple yet very interesting jewelry pieces which without any exaggeration are so beautiful that you would love to use them every day and they all are so simple to make that you can make them with your own hands,you can easily make yourself some trendy and some very style piece and you can get all the things you need to make these  in one pound store, but as you might know that flowing tassel jewelry are in so we are going to try some tassels, and you can pick any shade you like.

Top 10 Terrific DIY Tassel JewelryTassel Beaded Bracelet:- You can see that it is so simple and so cute, and it will take just 10 to 20 minutes to make two of them, one for your BFF and one for you too. You just need to pick some thread and some beats, pick the shade you like and make tussles with that and secure it either with the same thread or you can use bright thread too, and now push the thread throw the loop and secure it now, put matching beats on both sides and make knots on both sides to keep the design secure and you are done.

Tassel Beaded BraceletDelicate Crystal Tassel Bracelets:- I bet you would have learned how to make tussles by now , and for this simple and cuter bracelet you just need to pick light shade of beats and bright shade of tussles, I have used simple tussle in one bracelet, but you can add as many as you like.

Delicate Crystal Tassel BraceletsSeed Bead Tassel Earrings:- It look so cute, but it is not as difficult as it looks, you just need to pick couple of shades of beats and some stings, now we cut some 7, 12 beats of one measurements and then beat on all the beats according to your own choice and tie a overhead knot, keep all the strings of same measurements, and now tie a wire over the loop and now thread one bead cap and one bead onto the long end of the wire and secure the end with earring wire and you are done J be creative and make different shade and styles.

Seed Bead Tassel EarringsThreaded Tassel Hoop Earrings:- As you can see that I used a big silver ear ring with that look, so can you or you can buy plain wire from market to make that ring, and make lots of tussles with different shades and beat them through the wire and secure with copper wire or you can use golden thread too and it look so cute and perfect for your day to day looks.

Threaded Tassel Hoop EarringsTwo-tone Tassel Earrings:- You can see that these earrings has two shads and you would be thinking that how did we do that? Well we will start with starting, cause these are way simpler that they seems, you just need to make a long and thick tussle with golden threads and then we beat one the earring with overhead lop and secure it a wire fixed with stones around the tussle head, and secure it even harder and then we will take black fabric marker and we will pant the bottom part with that and leave it for 24 hours to get supper dry simplest or what.

Two-tone Tassel EarringsDIY Rhinestones and Tassel Earrings:- I love this one particularly, I did not buy anything for this one, I am recycling some of my old pieces with this one, I am using one simple rhinestone earring with that and am using a keychain, yes I am using a keychain with that;) well we made a whole at the bottom of the rhinestone and fix it with the keychain through silver wire ring , we stick some rhinestone over the clear keychain with glue, and now we have a long earring which look slightly uncompleted without tussles 😉 I used a small piece of old lace for that and you can see it look like some sort of expensive designer piece isn’t it?.

DIY Rhinestones and Tassel EarringsStatement Tassel Necklace:- For this one I picked one of my old chains, you should pick one with big loops cause we are going to beat tussle through these, we are not using wire rings for that look, or it will not look as clean as it does now;) so we made lots of lots of tussles and beat on the chain and secure with same thread to get finest look possible, you need to cover few inches, try to use 10-20 tussles, mine has 15 and it look pretty good.

Statement Tassel NecklaceAnthropologie Beaded Tassel Necklace:- Now for this one you need to gather all the needed stuff and then you need and sit down, it is going to be a long day, well you need to pick the patron you are going to make with your beats and shades, I am picking that V like patron and plain black and white beats, you can see how I make the patron with golden wires and then I  beat all of into each other to create the V  like look and then we cut some 2 incise pieces of chains an joint then with this beautiful  golden rings cause we are going to fix our tussles on these points, we are using pure black thread to make our tussles, you can use any color you like and make lots of tussles and fix them in the chain and traaaaa…!!!!

Anthropologie Beaded Tassel NecklaceTassel Jewelry 3 Ways:- Here in this one, I have used some leftover wood pieces which I used earlier with my wood jewelry and wood and beautiful  beats looks chain hanging from the chain and the tussles add the shades in your pieces.

Tassel Jewelry 3 Ways