Top Five Eyeshadow Makeup tips

Top Five Eyeshadow Makeup tips1This post is about the eye makeup especially for those girls who want to bring change in their daily makeup.  these Five makeup tips are perfect for you whether you are new to makeup or pro I hope these tips will give you fine yet decent way to do makeup.


Makeup is the trick of the light so brfore doing makeup first you highlight the certain area of your eyes, you can easily creat the illusion of the brighter eye. Go for the lighter shades because light shades in areas around the eyes to help them stand out but the darker shades add depth,pushing them back. Here is the quasion that how to highlight the eyes but you don’t be panic. Here are the way that you may follow.

First , to highlight the inner corner of the eye, secondaly, highlight the center of the eyelid and then highlitgh the last area of eyes along with the Brow bone. Placing highlights in these three areas will help to make your eyes  bigger and brighter.

Different Eyeshadow Shapes.

For doing eye makeup there are many ways to apply the makeup on eyes. Like you may do your eye makeup while using differnt colors, textures and finishes. so may creat any shape that you like and this will help you to swith up your daily routine.

For the deep eyemakeup you bust out the box and experiment with a new eye shape today. But if you want to do different then you must throw on a color that you wouldn’t wear mostly.Top Five Eyeshadow Makeup tips

Inner Corner:

Add the dark shade to inside of the lid of your eyes and this is the best and great placement for those of you with wide set eyes ,as it helps reduce the space between your eyes.

Outer Corner

For beautiful eye makeup add darker shades to the outer corner of the lid is flattering to most eye shapes, but this wil be perfect for those who have close set eyes. Darker shade on the far side of ther lid helps your eyes appear farther apart.

Both Corners:

this is a great shape for all type of eyes because it compliments most eye shapes, By adding the both darker shades to the inner as well as outer corners. So while adding dark shades on both sides your eyes will look perfect like your eyes will look smaller and larger, This Shape is also very versatile, as it works well with both neutral or bold dramatic colors.