Use Tea To Get Beauty Benefits

According to an authentic and well proven study , black teal can reverses endothelial vasomotor dysfunction in patients with coronary artery disease and it is very good for cardiovascular disease too  and addition of milk prevents vascular protective effects of tea too, but today we are going to see how can we use teas for our beauty issue.

Use Tea To Get Beauty BenefitsHere are some simple beauty uses of Teas:

Keep used tea bags in an air tight box and store it in refrigerator and use to calm down tired eyes, it is not only very good to sooth down your eyes and help you get rid of puffy eyes; it is very good to get better eye sight too.

Make a cup of a strong black tea and strain it and store it in your refrigerator in a spray bottle and keep spraying it all over your face and neck time to time and it will prove a great refresher and removes impurities and it improve the skin tone too and give your skin a nice natural glow too.

If you want to give your hair a natural shine and shade then you can use leftover tea for that too, warm it up a bit and use it as a final rinse, black tea can reduce breakage, green tea is said to stimulate hair growth and help you prevent and treat dandruff too, you don’t really have to wash it off, you can use it as a leave in conditioner too, it will give you a great shine and help you get better looks too.

You can keep it in refrigerator and use it as after shave mist too, it can sooth down affected area in no time at all and it softer your skin too.

Mix it with rice powder to make a scrub and it will not only give you a smooth and soft skin, but will help you get better skin tone too, it is great to use against aging impacts.

Green Tea Powder Face MaskTake three tablespoon used green or black tea and grind it into small paste and mix one tablespoon lemon juice in it and apply on your acne porn skin, normally I say if you have acne, you should not use any sort of scrub on your face, but it will not only help you get better skin tone, it will remove germs and dead cells too and since it is so soft so you don’t need to be worried for skin or skin damage.

9 Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Tea