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Valentine’s Day Fairy Look

I love certain shades for Valentine’s Day and violet is one of those, normally we all go for red and black and if someone add something then use golden and that’s it, but if I am not using red then I am going to use violet for sure and I am suing a silver purple dress with that and I am very much sure that this floral head accessories would look good for the day and guess what I am calling this look? Valentine’s Day Fairy, so are you ready for this sweet, romantic, bohemian, and dreamy look.

Valentine's Day Fairy LookWe will start with a base and I am going for a medium coverage and then we will apply slightly pale pink foundation or concealer all around the eyes to get a brighter look and then we will blend it in a C shape under corner of the eye to the over the eye brow and it will highlight the look even more and ever brighter.

Now apply prime the lid from the lash line to the brow and then we will apply the light and dark shade of brown to the eye brow and then bled well to get natural look, you can use any shade that goes with your own skin tone and give you a soft looking smooth look, now we will take velvety violet eye pencil and will draw a half line over the outer half of the top lash line and then we will take small blending brush and blend it well over the crease, but not over lid, now will take the same shade and apply some short storks to create a wing and will extend the outer wing a bit near the end of eye brow.

Now we will take a gluey primer and apply on the lid all over from the lash line till mauve shad and while it is still slightly well, we will either take lose powdered form or we will take brightest yellow gold shimmer and will tap apply it all over the lid and keep tabbing till it stick over the lid, apply slightly over the inner end of the eye too and a thicken line in the outer portion under the mauve wing too, and apply the same gold dust shade or cream whatever you using, one more time, we need a thick and strong look.

Now you need to take an angled liner brush and line the bottom lash line and waterline with brightest violet gel liner and extend the outer lower wing too, now what you need to do is, apply some silver or mauve glittery dust on that too while it is still wet or moist and then apply a thick wing over the upper lash line and let it go all the way under the gold and mauve wing and then apply mascara to finish the look.

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