Weekend Makeup Look Ideas

Weekend Makeup Look IdeasChristmas is right around the corner and the look I am making today is a kind of my holiday spirit look and I am using green as the quintessential color of Xmas and I am loving the idea of holiday and I am happy that I will be able to share my look with all of you today.

Weekend Makeup Look Ideas

Weekend Makeup Look Ideas & Weekend Makeup Tutorial

The look we are going to share with you is a bit Glam, edgy, exotic with a focus on heavy metal glittering lids and smoldering lash lines, but at the same time it is very casual too since I am not using proper dress with that, it look perfectly fine with plain top and jeans, but that does not mean that you cannot use hot exotic dress with that weekend makeup look ideas, you can and it will actually look very cute, so let’s  try that Beautiful Eyes and see if you like it or not.

Weekend Makeup Tutorial

We are going to get Beautiful Smokey Cat Eye Glitter Gradient eyes and it will go perfect with natural cheeks and beautiful lips, so are you ready? We will start with applying the base all over the face and I am using smooth base, I don’t want a cagey look, just moisturizer and then some foundation or concealer and blend well and finish the look with lose powder, weekend makeup look ideas and get the perfect look and now we will start with eyes.

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First of all we will apply the moisturizer and then we will primer and blend well, if you don’t want to use the base then apply some light shade all over the lid and blend well, weekend makeup look ideas now we will groom the eye brow and I am using the right shade, dark gray and blend well and then we will take pointed crease brush and apply Cappuccino eye shadow to the crease and blend well and then we will blend from one corner to other well.

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Now we will take an angle liner brush and line the top lash line and let it extend and thicken the outer wing, now we will take a smooth blending brush and blend the wing towards the center of the lid and avoid any sharp edges, and weekend makeup look ideas,  it will look like a smoky edge and make it a bit messy and smooth and then we will take contour brush and take the darker shade to blend over the crease to deepen the smokiness of the eyes.

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Now we will take a Heavy Metal eyeshadow with a flat brush and apply it all over the movable lid and then we will blend it well and then take some shade small round brush and apply the same shade over the inner corner too and weekend makeup look ideas, till the wing end now we will blow off the brush and then we will take the green glitter and apply it all over the top of Heavy Metal and if you feel they are not sticking then we will use glitter adhesive to help it stick and last longer and then we will take liner and apply on the bottom lash line and then we will take a black liner and apply over the waterline and then seal the bottom lash line with Heavy Metal eye shadow too, but don’t apply a thicker lien weekend makeup look ideas, keep it small and smooth thin line. Now finish the look with dark and thick layer mascara.

Apply candy pick on lips and you are ready to go.